Discover the value analysis, improve your value analysis basics, or become a real expert in value analysis projects.

APTE (Agreed French training centre n°11755127375) proposes a whole panel of training sessions adapted to your needs and eligible to companies’ training plans.

Next session on september 2020

At the end of the session, APTE can deliver a diploma in compliance with the European certification in value analysis (for more information :

Training Course





Value analysis basics: awareness session (inter-companies)

3 days

2,000 €/attendee

Progress in the understanding of issues and the efficiency in solution finding Attendee diploma

Value analysis basics: awareness session (intra-company)

4 days

8,000 € / session

Collectively validate the interest of the VA approach. Grow the creativity capacity of the attendees as individuals and as a working group Attendee diploma

Value analysis project manager training session

8 to 12 days: theory + real-life implementation

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Be able to manage the value analysis approach in project team management VA project manager diploma

Training sessions can be delivered in English or French languages

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